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For Project Accelerator, we need to implement a premium offering for which organizations will pay an access fee. By premium offering, I mean that in addition to the free Project Accelerator features, there would be a set of features that only certain users could access. These users would belong to an organization that is paying a monthly or annual fee.

This will be done by implementing Access Roles into Project Accelerator Plus+. This will allow us to determine whether someone belongs to an organization that has paid for the premium offering, and enable access to it. If this person does not belong to an organization that has paid the access fee, they would only be able to access the free offering.


One of the first things I did for this task was assisted the PO with determining what the roles and plans would be. To do this I did a pseudo competitive analysis. I visited around 20 or so sites that offered subscription services and documented their offerings in spreadsheet format. When I was done, I had a clear picture of what the common trends were for plans and roles. I then created this diagram to present it to the product owner.


The next step was to create an admin section where users can access their billing. In addition to the billing aspect of it, I recommended that we should offer a way for Plus+ users to manage their team. Based on the focus group it was apparent that our users wanted the ability to share their projects internally. The following images are the wireframes, created in Axure then presented to the business owner.


The bad news:
Due to a small team, all of the features I recommended weren’t able to be implemented during the initial development of roles.

The good news:
We’re agile, so we work in 2 week sprints. The features that didn’t make it in to this release were placed in the product backlog and will eventually be tackled.

Here’s what made it into the first release:

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