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The key purpose of BrightGauge is to bring data together from multiple tools that a MSP uses and then blend and display the data to allow the MSP and it’s customers to make sense of what’s going on, for either a customer, customers or the business itself. The report builder is the method in which this is done.


I started this project from scratch. Beginning with the business requirements and customer research, then the wireframes and building a working prototype, into visual design with proper design specs and ended with quality assurance which confirmed that the design and interaction were in fact developed to spec.


The final results were nothing short of awesome. In addition to the expected items for the report builder such as charts, graphs and metrics, a lot of additional user specific features made it into the report builder as well. Such as the ability to add multiple custom titles, paragraph text, dividers, horizontal rules, page breaks, images and the ability for the MSP to skin their report builder to match their company brand. We also added the ability for the user to preset reports to generate on a reoccurring timeline and to make sure no report went out that the MSP didn’t want to go out we created an alert for the MSP prior to the report being sent to remind them in advance.

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