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Project Accelerator was initially designed and released in June of 2013. Since then, so much had changed with web trends, design patterns and the product itself. A redesign was in order. In Q2 of 2014, Citrix Marketing had done an overhaul of corporate identity.

Along with the new corporate identity, we were also releasing Project Accelerator Plus+, which would bring large changes to the offering. To gain momentum and properly reflect the product, we decided that it time to rebrand Project Accelerator.


The original flow for logging in wasn’t intuitive. I spoke to a panel of existing users to confirm my hypothesis. I was correct. In addition to changing the user flow of the site, I also needed to take in to consideration what the flow should be for the Project Accelerator Plus+ user. I started in wireframes and process flows. After getting that signed off on by the product owner, I moved forward into the design process.


As mentioned above, the login flow wasn’t intuitive. We wanted to take away unnecessary steps to make the process easier for the user. Here’s what we did.


In addition to revising the login flow, we needed to create a flow that would be specific to partners who will be using Project Accelerator Plus+, at the time was in beta.


We weren’t going to be able to make massive changes to the back end so the redesign process started directly in visual design. I learned along time ago that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I should not fall massively in love with one design, because if it turned out the customer didn’t love it like I did, I would jump right back to square one. I created 5 completely different options for the customer to review, but prior to showing it to my customer, I first ran it by corporate marketing to make sure that I wasn’t offering something that couldn’t be done. 3 of the 5 layouts made it past marketing and were then presented to the customer.

Kitti came up with am amazing design and persevered with the Citrites responsible for our brand, Consulting’s desire for a link to our methodology, and various inputs on the final design over several months to find a solution that met everyone’s requirements. Great job!

Chris Pagel, Project Accelerator Product Owner

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