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BrightGauge offers two different types of dashboards. One, the primary dashboard is for the BrightGauge Customer, this is for the company who has the subscription with BrightGauge. It displays all of their clients vital statistics, notifications, etc. on the dashboard. The second is the client facing dashboard. It’s primary purpose is to allow the MSP’s client to have an overview of all their properties and the ability to interact with the MSP.

The challenge for this project was to determine what data is most important to the client and display it in an easily digestible format. Though it doesnt sound like a difficult task, there were multiple key factors in play. What the MSP wanted to show, and keeping in mind, this was a service our customer was offering, so it had to be branded. Every gauge, chart, drill-down data, and personalization need to be configurable by the MSP.


We combined the same data from the MSP’s PSA & RMM systems and presented it along with an IT Health Score which was dynamicly populated in and real time along with gauges to the MSP’s client what their systems looked like.

The clients were also provided a way to create support tickets, view their recent tickets, and view files and reports the MSP had created for them.

One of the other design requirements was to make sure it was viewable from any device, ie. tablet, phone, etc. So a mobile first approach was at the forefront of our planning.

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