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Darren Gideon

I had the pleasure of working with Kitti on several projects at Citrix. Not only is she a master at UX design but fully understands and is a master at usability testing and research which is a key difference between her and many people who are just graphic / web designers. Not only did she come up with great visual designs but she understood that design is not just about making something visual pleasing but more importantly is about creating something to best achieve the company’s intended goal. She created UX designs that bot streamlined and created a more effective user interaction, fulfilled the company’s marketing goals, increases conversions to sales and ROI, and successfully satisfies the end users desires. She was involved requirements gathering from the product owners, did wireframing / prototyping, creating of HiDef visuals, and usability testing and research for multiple Citrix properties.

Published 7 years ago
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