for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp & XenClient


Project Accelerator takes an innovative approach to help the Citrix customers, partners and employees simplify the implementation of XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenClient. The tool asks it’s user to answer a series of interactive questions, and in return the user immediately receive customized hardware recommendations and a recommended architecture for their implementation. As of Q1 2014, there was a big push to expand the tools offerings and open it up to provide premium features for paid members.


The challenge for this project was to determine what features we could add to Project Accelerator that would generate enough value for Citrix Partners to forgo their free account and sign up for the extended paid version. In addition to that, the intention was to have the fee structure set up as a monthly subscription. We didn’t want the Plus users to cancel their subscription due to lack of updated content and we also wanted avoid blowback for attempting to monetize on what was initially free, we knew it had to be amazing.


To get things started I scheduled a week long roadmap planning session. I created a Podio site and asked everyone who would be involved in the planning to enter their feature requests into Podio prior to the session.Since we were a bi-coastal team, and Project Accelerator Plus is just a part of Project Accelerator, I encouraged the attendees to enter features for Plus, not Plus, improvements, nice to haves’ and so on. 

The planning was extremely productive.

Very Awesome Roadmap


In total, 79 features we’re brought to the table of which 33 were slated for Project Accelerator Plus+. The next task was to go through those 33 features and prioritize them based on business priorities and effort required. To insure we delivered a product that was inline with what the partners wanted I created a Partner Plus+ “Advisory Board” consisting of 15 Citrix Partners and conducted bi-weekly sessions. This lasted for 6 months.

It quickly became apparent what features Project Accelerator Plus+ needed to have for it to be successful, so after each advisory board meeting, I would spike the features discussed in the meeting and have them ready for review during the next meeting.


The outcome was considered to be more than successful. After all of the planning, research and spiking was done, we were able to create a feature packed, research backed roadmap and product backlog. I assisted the Product owner with creation of the requirements and created all wireframes, prototypes and visual assets associated with Project Accelerator Plus.

The top 3 features that made it into Project Accelerator Plus+ were:

  1. Dynamic Deliverables
  2. Access Roles
  3. 1 Page Architecture Diagram

Please feel free to have a look at them by clicking on the links above.

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